Reverend Jesse and the Last Supper

Taters 'n Onions with Red-Eye Gravy

Reverend Jesse Waldrop is my wife’s father and just plain Papaw to us.  He’s a transplanted Tennessee hillbilly preacher who found his way down to bayou country.  For over forty years, the Reverend has walked the back roads of Acadiana spreading the gospel and selling the Good Book door-to-door.  Known far and wide for his… 

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Blackened and Smothered Ribeye Steak

Black Magic

Long before the heralded Chef Paul Prudhomme blackened his redfish, old time Cajun cooks had already embraced the black arts – cooking arts, that is.  Searing on hot iron until an ash-laden crust forms is a fundamental foundation of rustic, farmhouse Cajun cooking.  If black bits don’t appear in a … [Read More...]

White Beans and Rice

White Beans Supreme

Every once in awhile, I like to get back to basics – simple recipes and easy preparation with satisfying results.  It’s no-fuss, home-style, comfort food that is heart-warming and sticks to your soul like white on rice. Beans and rice are a staple of every Cajun Creole household.  Much like our … [Read More...]

Stuffed Rosa Bianca Eggplant

Rosa Bianca Eggplant

When I saw the violet-streaked Rosa Bianca eggplants that Molly Daigle had displayed at the Prudhomme City Farms stall at the local farmer’s market, I already had a recipe in mind. Like bell peppers, stuffing eggplant is a very common Cajun Creole dish and I was particularly fascinated with … [Read More...]


Maui, Y’all!

Spending two weeks in Hawaii is good for the soul.  “Recharge the batteries,” my wife Roxanne says, “reboot your operating system,” my daughter Lauren likes to call it, but my personal favorite is “clean out the cobwebs.”  Whatever. As a Louisiana-based food writer covering culinary culture, I … [Read More...]

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa and The Whole Truth

I am a Whole Foods Market fanatic. Always have been. Many years ago, I trekked all the way to Houston just to walk the aisles of this foodie fantasyland. Then later, Whole Foods moved closer with the opening of the New Orleans market, and then even closer in Baton Rouge. My wife Roxanne teases that … [Read More...]