Cane-Brined Roast Turkey


I love turkey. It is dependable, versatile, affordable, and delicious cooked in so many great Cajun and Creole interpretations. But for many cooks, a turkey sandwich is about as close as they get to the bird all year long. And anxiety sets in as the calendar rolls around to September, October, November, and finally the… 

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Creole Pimento Cheese

Creole Fire-Roasted Red Pepper Pimento Cheese

In the Deep South, pimento cheese is the mortar that holds society together.  Whether sandwiched between two slices of white bread or elegantly stuffed in a stalk of celery, no Southerner worth his salt would be without a basic pimento cheese recipe. Here in South Louisiana we like to do things a … [Read More...]


Creole Smothered Green Beans with Andouille Sausage

This green bean casserole is the one you’ll always see on our Thanksgiving table. It’s simply green beans straight out of a can, but it’s uncanny how these green beans — sautéed up in smoky bacon grease, smothered down in spicy andouille, and spiked with Cajun seasonings — will bring “thanks” to … [Read More...]

Cajun Rice Stuffed Onion

Dirty Rice

An iconic side dish of Cajun cuisine is rice dressing, commonly referred to as dirty rice, made from seasoning and spices along with pork liver. You won’t see a meat-and-three plate lunch without a scoop of the stuff – it’s practically a food group in Acadiana. Here in South Louisiana, there are … [Read More...]

Smoked ponce, rice and gravy served up family-style.

Ponce Upon A Time

Long ago the French came to the bayous of Louisiana and brought with them a vast wealth of recipes.  Over generations of influence, the tastes and flavors of most of those recipes have evolved.  These classic Cajun dishes and the artisan skills that go into Louisiana’s culinary cultural uniqueness … [Read More...]

Satsuma Rum Fizz

Satsuma Rum Fizz

Fresh Louisiana satsumas first start showing up in the produce bins in early autumn and by the end of the year, I still can't get enough of the sweet taste of my favorite citrus fruit. More so than oranges or tangerines or mandarins, I’ll take a locally grown satsuma anytime. I grew up in South … [Read More...]

Louisiana Shrimp Creole

King Creole: Remembering Chef Paul Prudhomme

Chef Paul Prudhomme (1940 - 2015) - Acadiana Table mourns the passing of Paul Prudhomme the legendary chef most responsible for the worldwide popularity of Cajun and Creole cuisine. In tribute to him, we are reposting this shrimp Creole recipe and story from 2013. His legacy lives on in the black … [Read More...]

Dark, rich and mysterious -- guinea gumbo.  (All photos credit: George Graham)

Guinea Gumbo

I remember it like it was yesterday: the day, over thirty years ago, that I first tasted a guinea gumbo and was immediately initiated into the colorful world of Cajun and Creole cooking. That one deep dark bowlful taught me volumes about a cuisine that has been heralded by many and misunderstood by … [Read More...]

Alligator sausages nesting on a bed of griddled red onions and beer gravy.  (All photos credit: George Graham)

The German Cajuns of Roberts Cove

There is an area just west of Lafayette that is known for its German heritage. Roberts Cove is at the center of it, and it is home to a long lineage of German immigrants that settled the Acadiana prairie in 1880.  This was a little over a century after the French Acadians found their way to South … [Read More...]

Beefy short rib flavor with spicy pepper jack is at the center of this classic sandwich.

Shredded Short Rib Showstopper

Every now and then you run into a dish that is the proverbial showstopper. It’s as if spotlights are shining down on the plate and the paparazzi are clicking away to get a shot from every angle. With this sandwich, a star is born. The inspiration for this combination comes from a little joint I … [Read More...]

Spicy Griddled Eggplant with Meyer Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette

Griddled Graffiti Eggplant with Meyer Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette

For all you vegetarians out there (yes, both of you), I have an easy recipe on today’s Acadiana Table that will rock your world. Now, for the rest of us this dish is just as good as a side accompaniment for a grilled pork chop or even a before dinner appetizer. It is eggplant as you’ve never had it … [Read More...]

Piping hot fried green tomatoes add a crunchy contrast to the cold and creamy rémoulade sauce.

Remarkable Rémoulade

When I glance at a menu and see anything featuring rémoulade sauce, I’m salivating. Usually, it’s a straightforward shrimp appetizer served on a bed of shredded iceberg that in the hands of a cook that has their rémoulade repertoire figured out is well worth ordering. But recently I was astounded to … [Read More...]

St. Louis-cut spare ribs smoked to perfection and glazed at just the right time.  (All photos credit: George Graham)

Spare Change

“Low and slow, son,” that’s what my daddy always told me was the key to cooking ribs. He’d fire up the pit on a Saturday morning and by the time the afternoon sun was setting, we’d be in pig heaven. Growing up in small town Louisiana, pork ribs -- especially spareribs (my father's favorite) -- was … [Read More...]

Cajun-Fried Catfish Banh Mi

Cajun-Fried Catfish Bánh Mì

For obvious reason, here in South Louisiana a bánh mì sandwich is referred to as a Vietnamese po-boy. Built upon a similar French bread loaf, it doesn’t take a great stretch of imagination to see the similarities in the two sandwiches. But upon second glance, the two have even more in common than … [Read More...]

Peach Muscadine Sangria

Peach Muscadine Sangria

Poolside afternoons in the heat of summer are just begging for a fresh, fruity cocktail – ice-cold with just a hint of fragrant sweetness.  I usually revert to a pitcher of margaritas or mojitos, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about sangria. I’ll admit it: Sangria is not an especially Cajun, … [Read More...]

Whole Salt Snapper Herbs

Lake Peigneur Salt Dome Snapper

  A little-known fact is that coastal southwest Louisiana right along the southern portion of Acadiana is built on a series of natural salt domes. Avery Island (home of Tabasco), Jefferson Island and Weeks Island are all built atop geological caverns that house salt formations. Over the past … [Read More...]